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Campaign Priorities

Transparent and Accountable Governance​

I am dedicated to fostering an open and transparent government that is accountable to the people. Through accessible communication channels and regular updates, I will keep the residents of the 53rd NY State Senate District informed about legislative initiatives, decisions, and the overall state of affairs.

  • ​Hold Regular Townhalls throughout the District

  • Maintain Personal Office Hours to Address Constituent Concerns

  • Send Newsletters out to Constituents with District Updates

Economic Prosperity

I will work tirelessly to attract investments, create job opportunities, and support local businesses as well as the working class in our community. I believe in the potential of Central New York to thrive economically, and I am committed to implementing policies that contribute to sustained growth, as well as address poverty in our region.​

  • Work closely with our State and Federal Representatives to prioritize investing in our Community

  • Support Labor Unions and Workers' rights to Organize

  • Invest in Small and Rural Businesses, with strong support of Local Manufacturing 

  • Support a Fair Tax Code and a Living Wage that lifts more Central New Yorkers out of Poverty

Education and Workforce Development

A strong and educated workforce is essential for the prosperity of our district. I will advocate for increased funding for education, support innovative programs, and collaborate with educational institutions to ensure our students are well-prepared for the challenges of the future.

  • Work with Institutions to ensure Career and Technical Education and High-Quality Job Training

  • Ensure that Rural School Districts in our Community are fully resourced, all Students deserve a quality Education

  • Support additional Adult Education and Literacy Programs in our Community

Safe and Healthy Communities

Making sure residents feel safe in their communities will be a top priority. I will work closely with our law enforcement to ensure they have the resources they need to reduce the rising tide of crime in our area. I also recognize the importance of accessible and affordable healthcare. I will advocate for policies that enhance healthcare infrastructure, increase mental health services, and address issues related to drugs and addiction. This will ensure that residents can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

  • Make it easier to access Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment, especially in our Rural areas

  • Invest in additional After-School Programs for our Youth, as this helps keep them from falling in to Crime and Violence

  • Ensure our Law Enforcement have the tools they need to reduce the flow of Illegal Substances in our area

Veterans Support 

As an Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, and a veteran of Active Duty service, I understand the unique challenges faced by our veterans. I will work to ensure that our veterans receive the support, healthcare, and opportunities they deserve for their dedicated service to our nation.

  • Support targeted Workforce Development and Educational Support for Veterans in our District

  • Ensure my Office is always available to assist Veterans in navigating the complexities of the VA Benefits System

  • Work to end Veteran Homelessness in our Community 

James Meyers

James Meyers

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